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Contacting Management Company

Dear valued guests,


Hello, and on behalf of Los Alcazares Holiday Rentals, welcome, and we hope you have a pleasant stay.

We genuinely enjoy helping our guests get the most out of their holiday, and as you can imagine at certain times of the year, we work extremely hard and long hours.  We would be most grateful if you have any general enquiries (broken light bulbs, general information, etc) if you could please call us between 10 am and 18.00 pm Monday to Friday, and between 11am and 5pm at the weekend, if the call is an emergency of course, please contact us any time that is necessary.

Text messages are a bit hit and miss here in Spain, if you would like to contact us, the best ways are whatsapp, email, or just a good old fashioned phonecall.

Many thanks for your help and understanding, please enjoy your holiday !


Best regards,

Craig & Debbie

Los Alcazares Holiday Rentals

0034 652485303


The owners and management team hope you have a great holiday and respectfully ask  that: -

  • Unless previously agreed you vacate no later than 11.00 am on the day of your departure


  • All rubbish is removed and disposed of in one of the rubbish bins located just outside the complex.


  • All crockery, pots and pans, cutlery etc. are washed up and returned to their original cupboards and drawers. Please ensure the dishwasher has been emptied if applicable.


  • If there is a BBQ and you have used it, the griddle is cleaned and the ash removed, if this is left unclean, we will have to charge for this to be cleaned.


  • To help avoid an invasion of ants and bugs, we would be very grateful if you could please dispose of all opened food packages, jars, bottles etc.


  • Please leave any community passes or bracelets and your accommodation´s key on the dining room table.

Los Alcazares holiday rentals are responsible for the upkeep, care and maintenance of this property and any queries or issues regarding this property, should be directed to us as soon as possible. 


Internet is included in this property.   Log in information is on the wifi plaque in the apartment.


Please report the loss of keys to us immediately.  A charge for replacement keys will apply so please take care of them.  Please do not leave the keys in the inside of the door as this makes it very difficult to enter the premises should you find yourselves locked out.  If we are called out, you will be charged a callout fee of 40 euros before 10 pm and 50 euros thereafter.

Check out time

On the day of your departure you will be required to vacate the property at 11.00. Please make sure that you close all windows, unplug items such as irons, portable fans, toasters etc. The air-conditioning must also be turned off and please dispose of all rubbish bags and bottles. Leave the keys on the table or on the place that has been agreed to before.

If we haven't discussed your check out already, I will contact you regarding departure as I will need to meet you with the keys.

House Rules

As you may know all our properties are privately owned and based on self-catering.  All of the properties are strictly no smoking.  If you do want a cigarette, please use the outside areas only.

Our team of cleaners and support staff work tirelessly to prepare your holiday home for your arrival, and together with the owners, respectfully ask you that you leave your holiday home in a “generally clean and tidy” condition when you depart.

Unfortunately, very occasionally, guest disregards this basic and understandable polite request. As a result, the owners reserve the right to charge for any “additional and exceptional” cleaning which may be required.

Please refer to our properties “Leaving Instructions” information sheet, which outlines, respectfully, the basic level of cleanliness requested upon your departure.

Any help you can give our cleaning team, who often work in challenging and testing conditions, would be very much appreciated.

Important note: Please be aware that bath towels in your holiday home may not be used at the beach or around the pool side.


Smoking inside the properties is not allowed, you can smoke outside on the terraces. Use the ashtrays that might be provided, at no time you are allowed to throw the cigarette buts over the balcony or on the floors.


Air Conditioning

The air conditioning is provided for your convenience, some of our properties do have air con meters, and we provide 10 euros complimentary per week.  If you need more, please let us know before 12 noon, or we will be unable to replace until the following day.  We do ask that you turn this off when you are not in the house as it is extremely efficient and will cool down quickly.


Terrace Furniture

Please use beach towels when using the terrace furniture and pool. as sun oil and sun creams stains cannot be removed. Please bring in the cushions at night.


Lounge Furniture

Please make sure that all sun cream/oil is removed before using lounge furniture as this causes stains that are impossible to remove.



Please dispose of rubbish daily.  Any rubbish left in the apartment only attracts flies, ants, etc. and of course it doesn´t smell very nice either, especially with the warm summers in Spain it is strongly advised.



Some of our properties are alarmed, we recommend you activate this when going out for your security.



Please note that food stuffs lying around the property will attract ants and other insects. Kitchen work surfaces, dining table and areas around the bin should be wiped down,  swept and cleared after each meal. Children should also be asked not to drop any sweets on the floor and wrappers to be put in the bins provided.



Accidents happen from time to time, but as other clients will be arriving soon after your departure it will be helpful if you could notify us so that replacements can be obtained. Your cooperation will enable us to ensure that the property is fully equipped for each new arrival.


Airport Transfers

Please give as much notice as possible if you require a transfer back to the airport. Transfer prices are available on request.




There is a English/Spanish/German speaking dentist close to the complex.  Av. Marqués de Rozalejo, 121, 30710 Alcázares (los), Murcia


Tel. 0034 - 968 574 686



Medical Services



For details of 24 hr duty pharmacy call 0034 968 171 919 or  0034 968 171 117

FARMACIA BERNAL  0034 968 574 376                    FAR. MARTÍNEZ MANZANERA   0034 968 575 093
Calle Conde de Floridablanca, 4                  Avenida Justo Quesada, 348, Urb. El Oasis,
Los Alcazares                                                                      Los Alcazares

FARMACIA MATEO  0034  968 171 163                    FARMACIA ROS  0034 968 575 326
Plaza Miguel de Cervantes, Los Narejos, Avenida de la Libertad, 44
Los Alcazares                                                                      Los Alcazares

FARMACIA PARADA 0034 968 170 545
Calle San Valentín, 19
Los Alcazares


HOSPITAL LOS ARCOS  0034  968 570 050 /0034  968 570 054
Calle de Cánovas del Castillo, 22
Santiago de la Ribera


Carretera de Balsicas ,Los Alcazares
(Surgeries for residents 8:00-20:00)
(Surgeries for non-residents 13:00-14:30)
Appointments by phone (24h):  0034 968 228 250
Emergency phone numbers:  0034 968 171 117 / 0034 968 171 919



The tap water is safe to drink and use for cooking, but if you prefer bottled water, this is very cheap and can be bought in any supermarket.


Swimming Pool


The community pool has its own set of rules which are displayed around the poolside area. For hygienic reasons please shower before entering the pool. Please be advised that a lot of the pools are not deep enough for diving.  For our private pool please consult the pool rules in the villas.

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